Our quality goal

Our quality goal

Our global supplier network allows us choose a mill that can provide a quality product, with a reliable service, while still achieving the given price parameter.

Appreciating your needs

We believe in creating long term, beneficial relationships and appreciate that each of our customers has different needs and will look for fabrics that will meet their specific requirements.

Delivering the right fabric at the right price

Premier Textiles has created long-term partnerships with Mills in many regions of the world. These relationships combined with our knowledge and experience enable us assess our different suppliers capabilities, their availability and lead time. Factors such as a regions history and access to local raw materials can also dictate that Mills in some regions will be able to produce certain types of fabrics to a higher quality standard than those elsewhere.

We understand that price is still an important factor, so we acknowledge the benefits of finding the ideal Mill that can manufacture fabrics to specifications, while still producing it at the right price.


The sample can undergo rigorous testing if required, that can include and cover:

  • Fire resistance
  • Fabric Stability
  • Colour fasteness
  • Tensile strengths
  • Tear strengths
  • Abrasion rating
  • Pilling
  • Absorption